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Festival Hier & Aujourd'hui 2022

CD Anne Marie Fijal- juillet 2024

Festival 2023 excerpts

Interview P.Ponti 06/10/2023

festival 2022 extracts

Interview RCF - Ponti /Fijal - juin 2023

Festival 2022 excerpts


composition and performance Anne Marie Fijal


The kiss

Libretto Robert Walser - Music Anne-Marie Fijal (state commission -1998)

Musical direction Philippe Nahon - Directed by Hans Engel - Set and costumes Gavin Semple - Lights Linda Babins.

Mel Braun (baritone) - Marc Feldman (bassoon) - Peter Parthun (cello) - Maya Kyoko from Forest Daryl Strain, Ralitza Tcholakova (violins) - Trish Beret, Scott Fethorn, and Peter Pavlovsky (double basses).


Le Baiser is a chamber opera for solo baritone and 9 instruments and occasional sound.

The three groups are composed of a trio of violins, a bassoon and a cello and a trio of double basses.

For his libretto, Fijal adapted the short story The Kiss by Swiss / German writer Robert Walser (1878-1956).

World Premiere August 1998 - At the invitation of the Contemporary Music Festival - Theater Arts, Banff Center for the Arts. Canada.



Mehr Licht

2 plays by Robert Walser- Snow White & the Pond

directed by Pascaline Ponti

La Criée de Marseille - Théâtre de l'Aquarium Paris

stage music: AM Fijal

Flyer Mehr Licht
00:00 / 05:33

stage music A.M. Fijal


Jean Racine

Pascaline Ponti Phèdre de Jean Racine : performance solo


"Alone on stage, Pascaline Ponti plays the Racinian score with an extraordinary talent, which gives flesh to the verb and makes it heard with a singular acuity. In a breath, she moves from one character to another with skill. The inflection of the voice and the timbre change, some details also in the expression of the face or the posture of the body, and immediately the relay takes place. It is magnificent. The viewer is never lost and grasps the tragedy by the power of the Alexandrian. "This loneliness frees me from identification. The roles, here, are discarded in favor of the verb. The Alexandrine becomes the sole protagonist of the drama. The voice changes tone. Where is this talking about? Who is speaking? I hear a voice, that of Racine, a unique but haunted voice. I keep myself in a state of availability. I am a transitory abode. I'm not grabbing anything. Phèdre, it's not me. I am the passionate and disinterested interpreter. "

she confided in our columns. The result is largely up to its ambition,both very lofty and humble.

In supple pants and a T-shirt, supported by a few lights, Pascaline Ponti achieves an exceptional performance, of astonishing strength. "
Agnes Santi La Terrasse



Rejuvenated rising suns
documentary film by Pascaline Ponti 21 '
Be up. Defy the fall. Set up alone or with others? Against what ? A journey with the philosopher Jacques Darriulat, Ewen Giquel, young tightrope walker, and Karin Oberndorfer, yogist.

Karin Oberndorfer
Musée Rodin
Jacques Dariullat
"Rejuvenated suns rising"  documentary Pascaline Ponti



Tenebrae   Paul Celan

Tenebrae  Paul Celan
composition and interpretation piano AM Fijal
voice: Pascaline Ponti
carte blanche "A l'Improviste" France Musique

00:00 / 09:10



Sourdes clameurs

cd-double album

Schumann  Kreisleriana op.16

Fijal:          Fragments


Beethoven  sonate 32 op.111

Fijal           Palimpseste

double Album: Beethoven/Fijal/Schumann
CD Liszt: Anne Marie Fijal piano


Sonate en si mineur

Lugubre gondola I

Lugubre gondola II


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